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Dreams of my family

Key vocabulary:



to wear


teddy bear


next to

in front of










to go on holiday

to come true

Dreams of my family

Hello! My name’s Veronika. This is a photo of my family.

I’m the youngest in my family. In this photo I’m wearing a pink dress and holding my teddy bear. My father is next to me. He’s wearing a black suit. My mum is standing next to my dad. She’s wearing a grey suit. My older brother and sister are in front of us. My sister is wearing a pink T-shirt and blue skirt. My brother is wearing a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans.

Everyone in my family has a dream. I dream about a new toy train. My sister dreams about a new pet. She wants a cat. My brother dreams about new trainers. He wants to become a football champion. My father dreams about a new car. He loves driving. And my mother dreams about going on holiday. She likes travelling.

My parents say: “Every dream starts with hard work.” They teach us how to work and make our dreams come true.



Завдання до тексту

1. Match.
1. In this photo
2. My father is
3. I dream about
4. My sister dreams
5. My mother
a. standing next to me.
b. about a new pet.
c. dreams about going on holiday.
d. a new toy train.
e. I’m wearing a dress.


2. Read and say “yes” or “no”.
1. Veronika is the youngest in her family.
2. Veronika’s mother is standing next to her.
3. Veronika dreams about a new teddy bear.
4. Her sister dreams about a new cat.
5. Her brother dreams about a new ball.




3. Answer the questions.
1. Who is holding a teddy bear in the photo?
2. Who is wearing a black suit in the photo?
3. Is Veronika’s mum wearing a yellow suit?
4. What is Veronika’s sister wearing?
5. What does Veronika dream about?


4. Ask your classmate.
1. Have you got a favourite family photo? Show the class.
2. What do you dream about?