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Family of superheroes

Key vocabulary:



to jump



to help



Family of superheroes

Hello, boys and girls!

My name’s Nick. I am a superhero. I’m very fast. I can jump very high. I’ve got a family. My mum’s name is Mariia. My dad’s name is Viktor. They are superheroes too.

My dad is very strong. He can help other people. My mum is very beautiful. She can sing and make people happy.

We are the best family!



Завдання до тексту

1. Match.
1. I can jump
2. They are
3. My dad is
4. My mum is
5. We are
a. very beautiful.
b. very high.
c. the best family.
d. very strong.
e. superheroes.


2. Read and say “yes” or “no”.
1. Nick is a superhero.
2. Nick is very slow.
3. Nick can jump very high.
4. Nick’s dad can help other people.
5. Nick’s mum can dance and make people happy.




3. Answer the questions.
1. Is Nick a superhero?
2. Nick can jump very high.
3. Are Nick’s parents superheroes?
4. What can Nick’s dad do?
5. What can Nick’s mum do?


4. Ask your classmate.
1. What super powers have you got?
2. What can you and your family do?