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We are going to the shop!

Key vocabulary:

to go shopping

to have a plan


clothes shop

shopping list











We are going to the shop!

Hello. My name’s Julia. Today is a wonderful day. Do you know why? Because my mum and I are going shopping!

When we go shopping, we always have a plan. Today we are going to the supermarket and to the clothes shop. So we have two shopping lists. In the supermarket we will buy: milk, bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit. In the clothes shop we will buy: two T-shirts for me and a skirt for my mum.

I always want to buy some sweets or some toys when we go shopping. But we only buy things from our shopping list.

My parents say: “Every dream starts with hard work.” They teach us how to work and make our dreams come true.



Завдання до тексту

1. Match.
1. My mum and I
2. We are going
3. We will buy
4. We have
5. I always want
a. to the supermarket.
b. milk, bread and cheese.
c. to buy some sweets.
d. are going shopping.
e. two shopping lists.


2. Read and say “yes” or “no”.
1. Julia and her mum are going shopping.
2. Today they are going to the toy shop.
3. They have one shopping list.
4. They will buy sweets in the supermarket.
5. They will buy two T-shirts in the clothes shop.




3. Answer the questions.
1. Is Julia going shopping with her father?
2. Which shops are Julia and her mum going to?
3. How many shopping lists have they got?
4. What will they buy in the supermarket?
5. What will they buy in the clothes shop?


4. Ask your classmate.
1. Who do you usually go shopping with?
2. What do you usually buy?