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My Dog

Key vocabulary:

to wake up

to go for a walk

to walk the dog

to listen to music

to watch cartoons

to be ill


to play outside


rubber boots


My Dog

Hello, boys and girls. My name is Mark. I want to tell you about my pet. I’ve got a dog. His name is Lucky. He is white and brown. Lucky and I are best friends.

Lucky always wakes me up in the morning. My mother goes for a walk with the dog in the morning. My father and I walk our dog in the evening.

Lucky’s favourite food is meat. He listens to music with me. We often watch cartoons together. When Lucky is ill, we take him to the vet.

My dog can play with me outside. We like rainy weather very much. I always put on my rubber boots to run in the puddles with Lucky. My dog and I are very happy together.



Завдання до тексту

1. Match.
1. I’ve got
2. My mother goes
3. He listens
4. We often watch
5. I always put on
a. to music
b. cartoons
c. for a walk
d. my rubber boots
e. a dog


2. Read and say “yes” or “no”.
1. Mark has got a dog.
2. Mark’s dog is white and black.
3. Mark wakes his dog up in the morning.
4. Lucky likes meat.
5. Lucky doesn’t play with Mark outside.




3. Answer the questions.
1. What pet has Mark got?
2. What colour is it?
3. Does Lucky wake Mark up in the morning?
4. Who walks Lucky in the evening?
5. What’s Lucky’s favourite meal?
6. What do Lucky and Mark do together?
7. What does the family do when Lucky is ill?
8. Can Lucky play with Mark outside?
9. What can Mark and Lucky do on a rainy day?


4. Ask your classmate.
1. What pet have you got?
2. What do you do together with your pet?