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My family and I go on holidays

Key vocabulary:

to go on holiday

to choose a country

to pack bags

to go to the mountains

to walk

to climb

to ride a bike

to go to the sea

to sunbathe on the beach

to make sandcastles

My family and I go on holiday

My name’s Philip. I like it a lot when my family and I go on holiday.

Usually we choose a country, pack our bags and then our adventure begins.

Sometimes we go to the mountains. We can walk, climb or ride our bikes there.

Sometimes we go to the sea. We can swim in the sea or sunbathe on the beach. My father and I often make sandcastles.

Holidays with my mum and dad are the best holidays!



Завдання до тексту

1. Match.
1. Usually we choose
2. Sometimes we go
3. We can ride
4. We can swim
5. My father and I often
a. make sandcastles.
b. in the sea.
c. to the mountains.
d. a country.
e. our bikes there.


2. Read and say “yes” or “no”.
1. Philip likes to travel with his family.
2. Sometimes Philip and his family go to the mountains.
3. Philip’s family ride their bikes in the mountains.
4. Philip and his family don’t go to the sea.
5. Philip and his father often make sandcastles.




3. Answer the questions.
1. Where does Philip and his family go on holiday?
2. What can Philip and his family do in the mountains?
3. Do they go to the sea?
4. What can they do on the beach?
5. What does Philip make with his father on the beach?


4. Ask your classmate.
1. Where do you like to travel to?
2. What do you usually do when you go on holiday?